Getting to Know...Tom Fritsche

Name a few songs you recommend for warm-ups: I Got A Feeling by The Black Eyed Peas, Heart Of A Champion by Nelly, I'm So Paid by Akon, and anything by 50 Cent.

Describe how it feels to play in front of great fans or what loud fans can mean to a game: Hockey is always fun and always exciting, but when the fans go wild it motivates you even more to keep it going even if you're tired.

Favorite way to relax on a non-game day: I like to lay around and watch ESPN. If it's a Saturday during football season then I watch college football or if it's a Sunday I watch NFL football.

Describe a pre-game ritual you like to go through to prepare for a game: I play soccer to start my warm-up. It's a fun way to get loose.

Favorite hockey team and player while growing up: My favorite team was the Vancouver Canucks and my favorite player was Pavel Bure.

Personal hockey highlight so far (on or off the ice):  Playing in the World Junior Championships in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Favorite sports movie: Dodgeball

If you could instantly be an expert in a Winter Olympic sport (other than hockey) which would you choose and why?: I'd go with snowboarding. Before I got serious about hockey, I loved snowboarding.

Other than a hockey player, what job would you be most interested in having?: I would like to work for ESPN.

Favorite "junk" food: Reeses Cups

If you only had $10 to spend at a grocery store, what are you getting?: Water and a lottery ticket to attempt to win more money.

Age you started playing hockey: 3

When you hear the word "Ohio" what do you think of?: The Buckeyes, of course.

Nickname as a child or currently: Buzz

Best sport you play, other than hockey: Golf

Best TV shows: 24 or anything on ESPN

Movie you've seen over 100 times: Happy Gilmore

Favorite or best subject in high school: Gym

Other than hockey, best part of the winter season: Snow

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