One-on-One with Steve Hanson

The Hanson Brothers have officially arrived in Cleveland.  Listen closely and you can probably already hear them stirring up trouble.  John Michael, the radio and tv voice of the Monsters, managed to get a few questions in with "Steve Hanson" about their highly-anticipated appearance at the Lake Erie game against Philadelphia on Saturday. 

Try to follow along:

John Michael: Should fans expect any special moves from you on the ice? A spear or a slew foot maybe?
Steve Hanson: Well there are a couple of things that we don’t like. We don’t like referees and we don’t like goaltenders. Both of them are going down!

JM: Any advice for the Monsters rookies that are looking to throw down the gloves?
SH: These kids don’t know how to put the foil on. That’s why I think we should get in the locker room to make sure they have it on and teach the proper way of putting it on. Granted the foil protects our knuckles if we get into a skirmish. We believe in old time hockey (Eddie Shore, Dit Clapper and Gordie Howe), but we also believe you should have that offensive threat.  That’s why when you put the foil on, not only does it protect your knuckles if a skirmish happens, but it also helps your offensive skills.

JM: How are the Hanson groupies these days?  Still as good as ever?
SH:No question about it. The key to it is the glasses. The chicks love the glasses. We tried a couple years back to wear contact lenses but they were too thick, we couldn’t blink!

JM: Do you remember the first time you dropped the gloves to fight, and who it was against?
SH: Yeah, it was my brother.  He took my toy.

JM: What would you like to say to the Monsters fans coming to Saturday's game?
SH: Get to the seats quickly! We are in the starting lineup. I pretty much guarantee we’re going to knock the referee down, clothes hang their goaltender and we’re gonna score an empty net goal. Then we're gonna challenge those punks from Philadelphia on the bench and if they wanna go, we’re ready to go!

To find out more about the Hansons and what they're up to these days, visit their website at

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