Game Quotes, December 12th: Crunch 4, Monsters 1

Head Coach Joe Sacco

(On tonight’s game) “Believe it or not this game had playoff implications for us. They had played three more games then us and we had the opportunity, but did not come to play hard and the final score showed it all tonight.”

(On Stewarts offensive effort) “It took a little bit of time for Stewart to get adjusted to the AHL style of Playing. Chris has some talent, he is a big man, and is using his body well, and is making huge strides right now.”

(On Wyatt Smith's play) “It is tough for a guy like Smitty to come down from the NHL, however he looked stronger then the first few games, and he is going to be a huge help for us this season.”

(On missed power play opportunities) “Last game we were able to get three goals on the power plays. Tonight we just came out flat, got no rhythm together at all, we just need to keep things more simple, and be more aggressive.”

Right wing Chris Stewart

(On his goal in the first period)“Coach Sacco drew up the play before the game: Just walk up the wall and their D-man will cheat so you can walk right to the net. So I walked to the net, put the puck on net, and it went in.”

(On the success of the drawn-up play)“He shot it along the ice, Jones was screening in front and it went in.”

(On getting more solid scoring chances)“We had a really good first period, but you just have to stick to the game plan and play for sixty minutes.”

(On possibly trying too hard in the third period)“Not necessarily, we were down 3-1 in the third. We took some penalties in the game and it came down to special teams and they dominated.”

(On what Syracuse does especially well)“Their penalty kill was perfect tonight. We scored three goals last game on the power play and this game the power play didn’t show up.”