Game Quotes, December 26th: Monsters 2, Griffins 1 (SO)

Head Coach Joe Sacco
(On tonight’s team effort) “It was a much more complete effort tonight. They guys had a nice three-day break and we had told them to get their batteries re-charged. We had a great effort tonight and it was good to see us respond after some tough losses over the past week.”

(On what the team did to put forth a great effort) “We just worked hard. We won the one-on-one battles; we made good decisions with the puck. I thought we had better defensive zone coverage. I thought we did a good job of taking away time and space in our own zone, taking away any opportunities they could create to score.”

(On more offensive shots on goal) “We want to put on as many shots as possible. It’s a mindset for the guys, put shots on net and bodies in front of the net. Simple hockey is the best hockey most times and we did that tonight.”

(On the intensity in the third period) “I think that’s one of the things we talk about before games, more time in their zone and less in ours. Their goalie came up with some big saves in the third, but we kept the pressure on them most of the game. It’s a lot easier to play in their end than it is for us to play in ours.

(On spending more time in the offensive zone the last two games) “When you start getting caught in your own end, we get fatigued and we take more penalties. Like I said, it’s much easier to play in the other team’s zone.”

(On using this game as a confidence booster) “The last two games we’ve shown that. We responded well after a tough loss against Peoria. We’ve had a few strong games here but we need to stick with it and we can’t change the good things we’re doing. We just have to keep the intensity up over the weekend.”

(On Vladimir Denisov's first goal) “We’re all happy for Vlady, he works extremely hard. He’s a guy who has come from overseas and is working hard with the transition, not only on the ice but off the ice. On the play in which he scored, I told Sly to have him drop back, a few seconds later he’s in front of the net scoring the goal. We’re really happy for him and it was a huge goal for the team.”

Goaltender Mike Wall
(On his effort tonight) “I made myself look big in the net and the pucks were able to hit me tonight. I thought I let in a ‘softy’ in the second but then came out strong in the third period. I then was able to help the boys out in the shootout."

(On the team’s preparation for tonight’s game) “Tonight is a tough game because the guys had a three-day break, so we came out hard and battled. We’ve been working hard lately and it showed tonight.”

(On breaking his shootout streak) “The fourth time was a charm. It was nice to come out and win one for the team tonight.”

Center Jamie Lundmark
(On tonight’s team performance) “We came out hard and played the first period hard. We played a full 60 minutes, played hard right until the end. We were able to come out with two full points.”

(On how he’s fitting in with the team) “I felt good. The guys have been great in the lockerroom and the coaches have been great as well. It will take me a few more games since I haven’t played too many lately. It will take a little time for me to get my legs back under me but I’ll continue to get adjusted each game.”

(On getting the shootout goal) “It’s good to get the puck in the back of the net. I’ve had a few chances lately, mostly hitting crossbars. I finally capitalized tonight which ended up being the game winner and it’s nice to get the win.”