Game Quotes, December 29th: Moose 3, Monsters 1

Head Coach Joe Sacco
(On Monsters problems in the third period)“We had a 1-0 lead going into the third period. There’s nothing wrong with winning a game 1-0. We just made a couple of mistakes, a couple of breakdowns defensively and they capitalized. Basically, in the third period I think we got out worked.”

(On good passing leading to Stewart’s goal in the second period)“T.J. made a great play. He was our best player tonight on the ice. He was working hard on both ends of the ice and had a lot of jump in his game. He made a nice play to Stewie there.”

(On tonight’s performance carrying on to tomorrow’s game)“We have to come prepared tomorrow and put this game behind us. We can’t forget it either. We didn’t play well in the third. It’s inexcusable to lose that game. I give credit to Manitoba. They came in, worked hard, and stuck to their game plan. We got a great start to the game, but after that we sat back. I didn’t like our third period at all.”

(On possibility of young players leading to breakdowns in the third period)“It’s not a case of being a young team anymore. It is a case of sticking to what works for us. In the first period we were skating hard and getting the puck deep into the zone. That’s our game plan: to play in the offensive zone and wear teams down. We turned pucks over with poor decisions and that’s what’s going to happen.”

Goaltender Mike Wall
(On Manitoba’s performance in the third period)“They just kept coming after us. They had a burst of energy down low that they just cycled and wore us down. They got some chances out of it. I think they found their legs after playing last night and kept coming after us.”

(On a collision in the third period)“I was fine. In situations like that I like to take a couple of extra minutes and make sure that things are fine. I don’t want to jump up and find out five minutes that something is wrong or I feel dizzy. I was on the ice and talked with (athletic trainer Glenn) Burke, just made sure that my contacts didn’t fall out.”

(On potential of collision helping Manitoba’s second goal)“The collision had nothing to do with it. He shot through Vladimir (Denisov) and I don’t know if it dipped or if I just misread it. It felt to me like it dropped, but I may have just misread it. It’s something that I would like to have back. It was a tough break after a 1-1 game. We wanted to get a point out of that at least.”

Center T.J. Hensick
(On transition from Colorado to Cleveland and preparing for the game)“I think it was my mentality. I got a good stretch from our trainers. My flight was delayed in Colorado, so to get here by 3:30 and to the rink by 5:00, it was tough. I thought as the game progressed I felt more comfortable on the ice and I also had more jump as the game went on.”

(On chemistry with Chris Stewart)“We had chemistry before I left. We’re close off the ice so I think that’s why we play so well on the it.”

(On his energy in the third period)“It’s something that Coach Sacco and I talked about before the game, was to bring the intensity and energy that I had before I got called up. It’s something that I’m going to need to do in order to get called back up. I want to keep the intensity up and hopefully I’ll get the chance to get called up again. I’m happy to help this team any way that I can.”