Game Quotes, December 29th: Monsters 3, Americans 0

Head Coach Joe Sacco
(On tonight's third period intensity) “Yeah it was nice that we were able to hold onto that lead tonight. We did it because we never sat back and we kept our forecheck going. That was the difference and why we were able to control the lead.”

(On the team's all-around effort) “It was a good 60 minutes of hockey. We made our mistakes, and when we made those mistakes Tyler was there to back us up.”

(On J.D. Corbin’s goal) “J.D. has been playing well and he is the type of player that brings us energy and when he uses that speed he is very effective. He has been doing a nice job with us in the penalty killing. I have been using him and Rycroft as our top penalty killing unit and with that pair they have been doing a great job.”

(On Mitch Love’s two assists) “Mitch plays the same way every game. He is steady, he is reliable and he always sticks up for his teammates. He is a physical presence out there. He is not worried about the points, but it is always nice for a guy like Mitch to get the points to reward his efforts.”

(On taking this effort to Manitoba) “We just need to keep building off this game. I have said this in the past we try to build off this but unfortunately our season has been more like a rollercoaster but we need to put together a streak of three to four games, even if we don’t get the win, but we play well for four straight games. That is what we are really looking for.”

(On Brent Kelly’s offense) “Brent has been playing very well. I kind of used him as a rover to start the game, and he was kind of playing with everybody. I moved him up to the front line with Healey and Lundmark. He has been playing well. He has been chipping in offensively and being reliable. We need him to chip in offensively and continue to be reliable.”

Goaltender Tyler Weiman
(On his first game back) “It feels great to get back in the action again, the guys played hard tonight. The biggest thing was our killer instinct that finally put them away.”

(On the shutout in his first game back) “No, you never expect that. It is just one of those things, a couple lucky bounces. The guys were watching their men and the chances we gave them were mostly on power play.”

(On the team's good all-around effort) “It was a good team effort, it was what we needed. We wanted to play 60 minutes to build some confidence going on the road against Manitoba.”