Game Quotes, February 1st: Monsters 2, Rampage 1

Head Coach Joe Sacco
(On big win after heartbreaker last night) “Yeah it was a great effort from everybody, especially in the third period. We played a very good hockey team tonight, to come out with 3 out of 4 points is big for our team.”

(On crowd entertainment value) “Yeah, there was a little bit of everything tonight. We had some physical play. Mitch Love stepped up and made sure we were into the game physically, he also made sure we were watching out for each other. Mike Wall made some big stops for us also. We worked hard tonight, when you work hard it will pay off.”

(On David Jones 10 game point streak) “Yeah, Jonesy has been playing very well of late and is really starting to figure out his game. He is carving out his niche and figuring out what he needs to be successful. He needs to use his speed. He is a great skater, he is big, fast and very strong. He has been a workhorse for us lately.”

(On Mike Wall’s performance) “Mike played great tonight. Like I said before we lost Weiman to Colorado and Bacashiua to injury. Mike has stepped up all year, every time we’ve needed him.”

(On the 3rd period) “I think what we did well in the 3rd period is taking care of the little things. I used everyone in 3rd period and used all four lines. We knew it was going to be a tough game and the guys stepped up.”

Goaltender Mike Wall
(On big win tonight) “It was a good one for the team. We let one slip through the cracks last night. It is a log jam in our division right now, so anything can happen if we keep winning.”

(On the big save in the 2nd period) “Yeah it was probably my best save of the night and it was really important for the guys. We were playing so well and I think at that point I had maybe two shots and I had to come up big there.”

(On defense doing something different) “I think we are just playing better as a team and the guys are starting to get to know each other. We are playing our game now and I think that is helping us.”

(On bouncing back tonight) “We all knew what we had to do tonight and we know our situation. We were up 3-1 last night and lost, we can’t let games like that slip away if we are going to make the playoffs.”