Ben Shank
Ben Shank is the new Youth Hockey Specialist for the Monsters. The former Robert Morris University player is the liaison between the team and anyone involved with youth hockey in our community. He will be the contact for group outings, securing ice time with the team, and for the soon-to-be-announced Jr. Monsters program. Ben recently took part in a Career Day with resident blogger, Jock Callander, and now is taking his own shot at blogging about it...

Hey Monster fans,

I hope you’re ready for fun, excitement, and some of the best hockey you’ll ever see! We drop the puck in less than five months and the anticipation is continuing to build each day. I’m thrilled to be a part of the Monsters team and look forward to many unbelievable nights at The Q! As Youth Hockey Specialist, I’m confident the game of hockey will be more popular than ever in northeast Ohio as soon as our Monsters come ashore!

I was excited to be invited to be a part of the Benjamin Franklin School Career Day. Because Jock Callander has done many great things in the community over the years, I jumped at the opportunity to take part in this special event with him. It’s very important for the kids to have desires and goals to work toward. Growing up, wanting to be a professional hockey player, I would have loved the chance to hear a guy like Jock talk about his job and what it takes to be successful.

While at the career day, Jock and I visited mostly second and third graders who were eager to hear us speak – or maybe they were just glad that the school year was coming to a close in a few short weeks!  Many of the students asked us good questions about how hard our players train, how ice is made here at The Q, and what skills were necessary to get where we are today. We took a prototype of our home jersey with us to each classroom and it was an instant hit! We also stressed the importance of setting achievable goals and how hard work can help reach those goals. The pizza and salad lunch that was provided couldn’t have come at a better time, as Jock and I were ready to eat after all of the talking! That was a very clutch performance by Mr. Jeff Yeager and his staff at Ben Franklin!

Hopefully I will have more opportunities to be involved in our community throughout our inaugural season! For now, Rise Up, Cleveland! The Cavaliers and Monsters will continue to build the winning tradition here in Cleveland for many years to come!


Interested in getting your youth hockey player or team involved with the Monsters? Ben's here to help! You can reach him at (216) 420-2184 or