Flash Seats

What is Flash Seats?

Flash Seats is a new and exciting opportunity being introduced to Monsters season ticket holders for the 2007-08 season. This concept, similar to the e-ticket in the airline industry, allows you to manage your season tickets via the Internet. It also gives you the ability to transfer seats through a marketplace endorsed by the Monsters.

Fan Benefits

The Flash Seats system allows Season Ticket Holders to manage their season tickets via the Internet. The Flash Seats electronic ticketing system allows Season Ticket Holders and fans to take advantage of these great features:

  • Manage their season ticket inventory
  • Easily transfer tickets to anyone--anytime, anywhere, right up until the start of the event
  • Eliminate lost and stolen ticket issues
  • Conveniently swipe in on game day with no paper tickets

    Complete Ticket Management

    The Flash Seats system allows you to manage your season tickets in one central, online location.

  • Keep Track of Your Tickets: With Flash Seats’ easy-to-use interface, you can view seats to upcoming games and see games you’ve already attended.
  • Share Seats with Season Ticket Holder Partners: Flash Seats is perfect for shared Season Ticket plans. You can easily divide a set of tickets via email – no waiting, no mailing, no insured deliveries.

    Transfer in a Flash!

    Want to invite someone to the game? Transfer seats to anyone with internet access (corporate guests, friends) – at anytime – via email.

    Select the game seats, click Transfer, enter your guest’s name and email address, and confirm. Your guest will get an email message telling them you sent them seats; they can use Flash Seats by entering their own form of electronic ID. You and your guests will get Seat Locators as you enter the arena showing which seats are yours.


    The Flash Seats system is designed to give you a flexible, convenient way to use and manage your seats:

  • Enter the Game Quickly and Easily: On game days, you don’t need to remember your tickets because there are none. Just go to a Flash Seats gate, swipe your ID, and you’re in and ready to enjoy the game!
  • Transfer Tickets to Family, Friends, and Business Associates: With the easy-to-use transfer feature, you can send your tickets to anyone--anytime, anywhere, right up until tip-off.

    Safety and Security

  • Use Our Safe, Secure Marketplace: With password-protection and data encryption as an integral part of the system, you can relax, knowing the information you enter and the transactions you perform are safe and secure.
  • Eliminate Worries About Fraud: Because Flash Seats’ is a closed, electronic system, any seat you receive is guaranteed.

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    To find out how you can benefit from the Flash Seats services, email customerservice@flashseats.com or call 888-390-SEAT.