Colorful Community Contest - We Need Your Help!

The Cavaliers, Monsters and Glidden® Paint have teamed up to make schools in our community more colorful. The “Colorful Community Contest” allows schools in Northeast Ohio to apply for the opportunity to have a classroom(s), hallway(s) or other space(s) repainted by the experts at Glidden® Paint. The project is designed to help upgrade the facilities where school children learn by making them fresher, brighter and more colorful.

The three schools below have been selected as the semi-finalists of the “Colorful Community Contest.” Vote for your favorite school now, and they could win the opportunity to have their space repainted by the experts of Glidden Paint! Voting is open from Monday, March 19th though Thursday, March 30th.


Space(s) Requested:

  • Gym (front and back walls)
  • Classroom hallway walls

Color/Graphics Requested:

  • Illusion of stained glass windows for a calm, reflective backdrop
  • School name and basketball
  • Phoenix (school mascot)
  • Colorful paint in hallways (green, red, aqua)

Why Does Archbishop Lyke Deserve a Colorful Facelift:
“At this time, our school has never had a true facelift. Our hallways are not colorful. Our students have great pride in our school. Our parents are huge supporters of our learning environment. Our students are from low-income homes, but they still come to school each day and work hard for a good education. With all they have given, we would like to give back by creating a more colorful, inviting atmosphere.”


Space(s) Requested:

  • Gym

Color/Graphics Requested:

  • Tiger paw with student hand prints around the paw print
  • Vision statement (ROAR: Respect, Organization, Achievements, Responsibility)

Why Does Bissell Deserve a Colorful Facelift:
“This is a second and third grade elementary school and the gymnasium should reflect the energy and liveliness of the student body. This would be a great opportunity for the student body to get actively involved in creating a spirit wall and leaving a positive stamp on the school. It will also fit right into our theme of respectful and responsible students that offer kind words and support one another.”

CLARK K-8 SCHOOL (Cleveland, OH)

Space(s) Requested:

  • Gym/Cafeteria
Color/Graphics Requested:
  • Cougar (school mascot)
  • “Cougar Pride” on the wall
  • “MyPlate” graphic and athletic images

Why Does Clark Deserve a Colorful Facelift:
“Our school is in need of a colorful facelift because the students need to be rewarded for the hard work they put into school every day. Even though we are in inner city school, our students have scored in the top 10% for the state of Ohio in increasing their test scores. Our students’ attendance is 95% or higher everyday because our staff truly cares for every child. Painting a design or mural in this room will show the students that what they do matters and is appreciated. A cheerful scene can put a smile on a tired child’s face, help them prepare for a great day and give them pride in our building. A pride that can match the pride we feel in our students.”