Game Quotes, October 13th: Bulldogs 6, Monsters 1

Head Coach Joe Sacco:

(On the penalties tonight): “Story of the game tonight. We weren’t disciplined. You can’t give a good team like Hamilton, the defending Calder Cup Champion, that many power plays (4 of 11) and expect to win. Bottom line. We had two 5-on-3s as well. Unnecessary penalties at the wrong time. We came out the first period and I thought we played very well. We executed our game plan to a ‘T’ and then we took some penalties going into the end of the period and we lost our momentum and it just continued on in the second and third periods. We were using the same guys in penalty killing and they got tired and got worn down. That’s not how we wanted to play this game.”

(On their fast start): “I thought we came out great, I really did. I loved the way we came out and we played. I thought we were getting pucks deep, we got forecheck pressure. We got that quick goal and it’s a 1-0 lead. But like I said, once you take that many penalties, you start sitting back too much and our goaltenders get shots from everywhere. It was a tough night.”

(On Codey Burki, who scored his first goal tonight): “He’s a young prospect. He’s got great speed. He’s a good defensive centerman with some offensive abilities. He’s just like every other young player: he’s got a lot to learn still but he works extremely hard out there. He gives you 100 percent. He’s going to make mistakes like most young players but we’ll live with mistakes when they’re within the effort.”

(On Burki getting a lot of ice time tonight): “I feel like he earned his ice time last night in Toronto and we want to give guys ice time when they deserve it.”

Monsters center Codey Burki:

(On scoring his first AHL goal): “It feels pretty good. It would have been a little better feeling if it would have come in a winning game, but it’s nice to get it out of the way. It’s my second game now, and hopefully there is more to come.”

(On how the team is gelling): “All the guys are real close. We’re all talkative and the guys are definitely close. It’s just on the ice the biggest thing today was penalties. Anyone who watched the game would have seen that, and it’s not like we didn’t work hard. We did have a few chances, we have to bury some of the chances we get, there’s no question about that, but it just came down to early penalties.”

(On preparing for the next few games): “We’ve got to put what has happened behind us, there’s no question about that. We have to stay out of the box, we have to work hard, we have to keep our feet moving no matter how tough it may be with five games in six days, but we have to put everything behind us and stay positive, and we should be fine, we have a good team.”