Game Quotes, October 14th: Marlies 6, Monsters 2

Head Coach Joe Sacco:

(On not being able to finish scoring opportunities in the second period) “We did to them in the second what they did to us in the first period. They basically had the fresher legs. They came in and took the play to us in the first period, and I thought we responded well in the second. Then, we took it to them, but unfortunately we couldn’t cash in on our opportunities. We got some guys that are getting chances and they’re not finishing right now, which is too bad, but it wasn’t from lack of effort that period.”

(On having trouble getting timing down) “I think we’re trying to find the right chemistry within our lines right now. We really only have three forwards returning from our team last year when we were in Albany, so we need to find the right mixes and the right matches, and tonight I thought Kelly, Healey, and DaSilva found some nice chemistry out there together. I thought the line that played with some real energy was McCormick, McCleod, and Roche. It’s going to be a bit of a work in progress as far as trying to find who fits with who.”

(On falling apart in the third period) “It was about a five minute span in the third period. We came out and we talked in between periods and said if we get this next goal we’re going to win this game, or at least give ourselves a chance to win the game. Then we come out and tie the game at two, and then it just seems like the mistakes that we’re making right now are ending up in the back of our net. It’s a learning process for a lot of young guys, and this is some of the growing pains you deal with in the first few games, but I’ll tell you what I told the guys after the game that I wasn’t mad. I’m disappointed, but I’m not mad at them because they worked hard and we’re going to turn this thing around for sure. It’s going to happen, it’s just a matter of everybody believing in each other and everybody buying into what we’re trying to do as a team.”

(On not being able to win at home) “Of course, you would like to come home and get some wins, especially when you have what we had the first two games with good crowds. That’s unfortunate, but we can’t dwell on that as a staff and as a team. We have to control what we can control and that’s how we play every game. We want to put on a good show for our fans, but so far that just hasn’t been the case. I still feel positive about it, and I think that once our guys figure out what we’re trying to accomplish here and buy into the system, I think we’re going to be OK.”