Game Quotes, October 17th: Stars 6, Monsters 2

Head Coach Joe Sacco

(On moving forward to prepare for the road) “Playing on the road means that you can simplify your game a little more. That’s the spot that we’re in right now. We need to just simplify everything a lot more. Make the tendency the priority for all the rest of the games ahead.”

(On having a short memory during the losing streak) “They should try to forget it. We have to learn from this and it’s going to be a long process. We are trying to work with young players here. We need to work on the negatives/positives in our game.”

(On the positives with tonight’s game) “The positive tonight was our penalty kill. Sylvain did a great job making some adjustments from the last game. We had been struggling and he made some tweaks. They did a terrific job killing the 5-on-3 at the start of the third period. We have to keep working on our power plays. We need to execute more on our power plays and take advantage of those situations.”

Leftwing Eric Healey
(On 5-on-3 during the first period) “We didn’t execute. We got a little sloppy and there are no excuses. We had a little bobble. A 5-on-3 is unacceptable, it shouldn’t happen. That’s just the way things are going right now. We aren’t getting any bounces. Last night, we could have broke the game open and missed four or five open nets. We have a lot of character guys here and we will turn it around.”

(On the new franchise making a good impression) “Sometimes its easier to play on the road because you don’t have to do too much to please the crowd and to bring excitement to the building. When we’re on the road, we have the opportunity to take their fans out of the game. We have an 80-game schedule. It’s nice to be home and win at home, but there’s 40 games at home and 40 on the road. You have to win on the road as well.”

(On needing to straighten things out) “We got over anxious and are giving way too many odd man rushes and therefore in it’s the back of our net. We have to straighten that out over the next few practices.”