Mareena's Winning SpokesMonster Essay:

The Lake Erie Monster is a large lizard like monster. He is black like night. His eyes are red like blood. Seven lizard like creatures hatched in the magical depths of the black hole on the planet Jupiter. These creatures loved to play Space Ball as kids. One day there was an explosion and the monsters landed on the planet Earth. One went to Australia. The twins went to Bermuda. Another went to Texas. Two ended up in the North Pole. And then, the final one landed in Ohio.

One day when he was still small and people still thought he was a lizard (so no one bothered him) he crawled out onto Lake Erie when it was frozen. As he got further out he fell through the ice into the cold lake water. He decided he really liked it there because it reminded him of Jupiter and he wanted to stay. He always thought about his brothers and sisters. Would he ever see them again? Did they survive the explosion? Would they ever play Space Puckey again?

One winter the monster came close to the pier and saw kids playing something that looked like space puckey on the ice. It made him think of his family. That night, when the kids went home, the monster went out onto the ice and started to play with the stick and rock the kids had left. It reminded him so much of his family. So every night during winter he would crawl up on the ice and play space puckey, which on planet Earth is known as hockey.

One night some town’s people saw him and went through town telling everyone that they saw a huge monster playing hockey on Lake Erie. For weeks there were people searching the lake for the monster but he stayed really hidden deep in the black holes of the lake and no one found him. After that, not many people believed the story, but the monster knows he has to be careful now so he won’t be found and killed. The story became a legend and some people who believe the legend of the Lake Erie Monster try and sneak out to see it playing hockey on really dark nights.

Some people have tried to take pictures, but it is too dark and they don’t come out. Even now on dark winter nights in Cleveland you can find people trying to catch a peek at the hockey-playing MONSTER! Try and see for yourself one night!