Brooke's Winning SpokesMonster Essay:

The Lake Erie Monster didn’t start out here. He is a lesser known, little brother of the Loch Ness Monster. This means he grew up in Scotland. One day the Lock Ness Monster and this little monster were golfing because that’s what they like to do in Scotland. The little monster accused his big sister, Nessie, of cheating on strokes. They got into a big fight and Nessie told her little brother to leave and never come back.

The little monster didn’t know what to do so he started swimming out to sea. He eventually ended up in Canada. While he was there he became fascinated with a the game that teams of people were playing on frozen water with funny looking wood golf clubs and a black golf ball. He spent hours watching people play the game that he later learned was called “hockey.” He really liked that the people playing the game could fight and yet no one was kicked out of their home.

Though it was fun to watch, the little monster kept looking for a cozy place to call home. The little monster kept swimming and swimming. One day the little monster swam into a shallow lake that was quite comfortable. He had fun playing with the sea gulls. He liked hearing the rock and roll music coming from a big building on the shore. He could hear familiar cheers that he heard during hockey games in Canada, but the cheers were for some silly game that the men hit a ball with a wood stick and ran around some white things. It wasn’t the same. The little Monster was just getting ready to move on when he heard the happy whoosh of a puck getting it by a stick. Could it be? It was. This place had HOCKEY.

It was too good to be true. The little monster made his way over to where the sounds were coming from to get a look. Though his black, scaly body stretched from blue line to blue line, he managed to hide in The Q. He intently watched the new team practice day after day. One day he couldn’t help but to call some coaching advice to the players. Uh oh, he was spotted, but they liked his coaching technique so much that the team decided to keep him around. When asked what his name was, the little monster said he didn’t have one. That was how he became the Lake Erie Monster.