Devin's Winning SpokesMonster Essay:

The Lake Erie Monster is believed to be a slimy, snake-like creature that has spikes or humps on his back, a huge tale and is all black according to eyewitness accounts. I have heard of the Monster from my Grandfather and Father. Most of our family history involves Lake Erie.

The Monster has been seen in the shallow western basin of Lake Erie around the Islands since the 1960’s, according to my Grandfather. Approximately 40 years ago, he almost caught a monster about 20 feet long. The line broke and the humps came out of the water. My Father raced sail boats and is a tug boat captain. He saw the Monster during the sail boat race in Cleveland Harbor. Recently, in Port Dover, Canada, in Lake Erie’s east basin, something has been scaring swimmers. There were reports of large fish bites on legs and humps on the surface of the water.

I believe the Monster got trapped during the last Ice Age when the Great Lakes were made. He could be related to the Loch Ness Monster, because they both live in fresh water lakes and they might have been separated by the Ice Age. Scientists think the Lake Erie Monster is just a sturgeon, a fish that was around since the dinosaurs. I think that he is a monster and it is not a sturgeon.

If he could play hockey, he would, because he loves the ice since he found a new home from the Ice Age. Even when the lake freezes, ice fishermen still claim to see the Monster playing and sliding on the ice in the distance. The Monster has to be tough and rough to survive, just like hockey players, and that’s why he would like the game.