Game Quotes, November 10th: Flames 3, Monsters 2 (SOL)

Head Coach Joe Sacco

(On the team’s effort) “We are very pleased with the team’s effort. We got outplayed in the third period and overtime. We would were lucky to get to the shoot out.”

(On Wall’s performance) “We were very impressed. He did a great job for us and gave us a chance to win. He played solid and made some great saves to give us a chance in the shoot out.”

(On the team’s chemistry) “The team is still developing chemistry and getting better each game, but we still have a ways to go. The offense is getting there. The last five games, the opponent has only scored three goals or less.”

(On Margeson) “He played the game of his life scoring two goals. This is what it’s all about coming up for the ECHL to the AHL.” (On achieving a home victory) “It’s a shame and I apologize to all the fans in attendance tonight. We just had bad luck in the shootout. We hope to get a win tomorrow against the Marlies.”

Goaltender Mike Wall
(On being back on the ice) “It’s a good feeling. I felt I performed real well and we got back from the road. I was impressed with my overall performance.”

(On the shootout) “It could have been better. It was frustrating we couldn’t get the extra point. It’s the second game around with that. We just need to get back out and practice more. Those are two points we could have had.”

(On making some big saves in the game) “It helps the morale of the team. Its helps them know that I am in there for them. Its lets them relax out there too.”