Game Quotes, November 15th: Monsters 2, Flames 0 

Head Coach Joe Sacco
(On the first home win) “Obviously it feels pretty good for us as a staff. We are extremely happy for the players. They have worked extremely hard. This takes a little weight off their shoulders and we are making the strides to be better.”

(On team effort) “Jason (Bacashihua) played extremely well tonight. He kept us in there when we struggled and it made a difference in the result. Superb efforts from Cody McCormick and (T.J.) Hensick. They both showed a strong effort out there tonight. Overall, it was an all around team effort.”

(On Steve Margeson’s play) “Steve has come up and he’s done a great job. You like to see those kinds of stories. He came up through the East Coast League and he’s battled. He’s getting an opportunity to prove himself.”

(On the penalty kill late in the game) “That was huge! Wes O’Neil did a great job of killing the five-on-four. Making it four-on-four is what we want.”

(On Jason Bacashihua) “He did a great job stopping quality shots.”

(On shots on goal) “We still have to work to get the shots to the lower 30’s. That’s where we need to be.”

Center Matt Hussey

(On his goal) “We came out of our zone with speed and luckily caught their defense on a line change. We made a give-and-go to T.J. and he gave me a perfect pass and I put it in the net.”

(On the give-and-go) “I had a few of those earlier in the year and haven’t put them away. I need to do that to help the team.”

(On the first home win) “It’s huge for us. We need to establish something in our own arena where teams come in here and make it a tough place to play. There is more to come.”

Center T.J. Hensick

(On the open net goal) “It opens our eyes a little bit. (Cody) McCormick made that play happen and I reaped the benefits. Any time you get an open net, your eyes light up.”

(On the two-on-one) “It was a pretty good feeling. We haven’t had many two-on-ones this year so it was a pretty good feeling to get one.”

(On team chemistry) “We are gelling as a team more and more on the ice. We are finally getting our combinations right and you saw that with the play with (Matt) Hussey.”

Goaltender Jason Bacashihua

(On being in goal for the first home franchise win) “It was very good. The guys battled hard all game and we kept tied until ten minutes left in the game. We battled hard and we deserved to win that game.”

(On the shutout) “It feels even better. We came out the other night against Toronto and gave up five goals so getting the shutout is what every goalie dreams of. We want to build on this with many more victories.”

(On prepping for Toronto) “We played them tough on Sunday and they are the best team in the AHL. We are going to practice hard tomorrow and come out strong on Saturday. It will give us a good chance to win.”